Jul 27, 2012

In which I test my social media presence.

So, feeling a bit spunky today, feel like shaking things up, maybe seeing who's quickest on the draw. Perhaps just seeing if anyone's paying attention today?

God, am I really that much of an attention whore? 

Okay, no, not so much - but I am interested in performing a test of how my blog, Google+ and twitter are reaching people; specifically in the context of my ebooks.

So, here's the drill: go check out this blog I wrote a short while back and check out my books, and then either reply to me over on Twitter (hash tag #Steampunk) or leave a comment here with the title of one of my ebooks.

First 3 people to do this, I'll gift you a copy of it - Kindle or Nook, your choice.

Does that sound fair? And you don't need to feel obligated to leave me a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, though I wouldn't be angry if you did. :)

Good luck, thanks for playing - - - and...... GO!


Daniel Young said...

reapers return rom the The Chronicles of Aesirium sounds quite interesting. would be interested in reading it. Who knows, maybe I'll buy the rest of them ;-)

Ren Cummins said...

Excellent! Kindle or Nook? Also, which email shall I send it to?