Dec 14, 2009

My 2009 self-pimpage

Okay, I'm going to just post this and then get back to work on the other pending projects, and...well, work.

The Morrow Stone (paperback)
The Morrow Stone (Kindle version)
Obsidian Bridges (2009 re-release)

Broadening the distribution of the paperback, but also shifting my focus now back to a Time Travel anthology and book 2.

Have begun discussions with a few other local entrepreneurs on the merits of forming an actual business partnership for local publishing. Yikers.

Dec 6, 2009

It's Official!

"The Morrow Stone" is now available for purchase, through and It's available in Hard Copy and Kindle format.

The re-release of "Obsidian Bridges", with new songs, will be available soon.