Aug 21, 2012

New Wine in New Skins

Okay, so on the one hand, they say you can't judge a book by its cover, but we generally do. They also say "beauty is only skin deep", and it isn't always so. Ah, sweet conundrums of the universe, how you do love your games!

So anyway, that's my short way of going into the fact that I've re-skinned the Chronicles of Aesirium. I did the original covers over a year ago, and, to be honest, they weren't feeling as fresh as I would've liked.

Thus, with the help of my dear friend, author and artist Jen Ashton, I've got 6 new covers for my series. I've done a bit of editing on the inside, as well - there were a few things that'd been bugging me, and it was time to clear a few things out, as well as synching all the volumes up nice and tidy in Amazon's database. A week-long wrestling match came up with the new editions, the last of which went active this morning.

Reaper's Return - book 1 - has already picked up in sales just since its new cover and interior went live on Friday. So this is a nice thing. If sales pick up across the whole series, I'll go next over to Createspace and update the paperback editions, as well, though I'm considering having maps drawn up, maybe some interior art. All part of the plan, my friends.

I also talked to an old friend of mine from ECCC about doing some new artwork for the series - been wanting to do something special for this upcoming SteamCon, since I'm going to be attending - I'll keep you posted here.

Also, a new project is on the radar - - wrapping up a couple more short stories and trying to get to a stopping point on the children's book I've been writing with my daughter (we may push back in order to get the art we want, but it's still in production), so while this may seem on the surface to have been a less productive year than 2011 in terms of actual novel count, it's actually kind of crazy, the number of things I've actually been doing.

Granted, a lot of that has been through ghost writing, but I'm not going to hate having work. And it's nice to say that I've got more than 45 published works to my credit, even if more than two-thirds of those are under a different name.

At the same time, it reminds me of that old saying - if you find a way to get paid for doing what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. And, with that, I need to get back to it. Hope your day is amazing!

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