Feb 13, 2012

Oh, and while you're here...

Papa needs to pay the bills, here. If you get a chance (and you haven't already picked up a copy of it), please take a moment to hop over to Amazon and download a free copy of my first novel, "Reaper's Return".

Yes, it's a full novel. 60k words.

Steampunk. Science Fiction. Fantasy. "What if Death wore an adorable black dress?"

Everyone in Oldtown had heard talk of the Reapers. Even though nobody had seen one in years, everyone whispered the tales: flying from rooftop to rooftop, stealing the souls of the unwary, letting their undead beasts hunt through the streets for any member of the community too reckless or fearless to heed the nightly curfew ... mysterious and terrifying, most feared to even mention them by name, lest they appear and gather your spirit away.

For 11-year-old Romany, her greatest fears were less about the mythological Reapers and more about surviving a miserable life inside of Oldtown's solitary orphanage. Her stark white hair made her an obvious target for the bullies, and the cruel nickname of "Ratgirl" had followed her for years. But if Rom thought her troubles were behind her, being struck dead by a bolt of lightning would only open the door to an entire life of new ones.

First on the list? Finding out that she herself...is a Reaper.

February 13th and 14th, I'm running a free promotion through Amazon - - the first ebook is absolutely free. Yes, the rest are for actual sale, but there are 5 of them, all part of a great epic adventure through a neo-victorian, anime-inspired landscape. My little valentine's gift to you, my lovelies.
Hope you enjoy - - feel free to leave a comment here or leave a review on Amazon. Thank you!

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