Jan 16, 2012

The Universe Loves a Good Punch Line

Life's a glorious thing, isn't it? Always keeps you on your toes, always has one surprise left around the next corner, and most of the time it's even more amazing than you expected.

An important lesson was re-framed for me recently, one of the essential nature of keeping onesself squarely balanced between confidence, experience and aspirations. Also known as "don't ever think you're too much cooler than you actually are."

What it boils down to, basically, is this: before you go around spouting wisdom, be sure you know your audience. Because chances are, they're wiser or more experienced than you are. It's just the odds of the game, really. I usually know this lesson pretty well, so it's always amusing when I get reminded. Yikes.

And, on that note, I resume my daily duties; there are stories to tell, books to publish, and progress to be made.

OH. And before I go. Any of you who plan to be in the Seattle area at the end of March, I'll be manning a table with the other writers of Talaria Press at the Emerald City ComiCon. Also, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will be attending. (that's Jay and Silent Bob, for the folks who don't already know)

So, you know, it might be an entertaining weekend. :)

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