Apr 12, 2011

Tuesday Open Mike Blog!

Screening a new feature here on the Steampunk and Synthesizers page: the open mike blog day.

Although this blog is mostly dedicated to my journey as a writer and my hobby of being human (when I have time), I wanted to open it up to the five or six people who show up here from time to time to chime in. I do tend to go on and on, as you know.

But rather than just drop the mike in your lap, I'll even give you a choice of topics:

1) if you were already a superhero, what would you want your secret identity to do for a living?


2) if you could take a train to ANYWHERE, where would you go? (and let's not allow silly things like time or space be a problem. Let's assume that your train is magic and could go ANYWHERE.)

Okay, then. Hit me. Gimme what you got, baby!


Heather said...

If I were a superhero, my secret identity would totally be a billionaire socialite!

Erin Lausten said...

Ooooo!!! If I could take a train anywhere, I would find one of those books on the top conspiracy theories of all time and stop at each one to find out what really happened. Then I would write a book about it and have no one actually believe I knew what I was talking about.


StupidGirl said...

If I were a super hero, my secret identity would be a road sweeper.

If I could get a train to someplace, I'd get it to AD 61 and watch Boudicca (Boadicea) burn London to the ground.

Love the open mike idea btw!

SG45 x

Ren said...

LOL! I love these answers!

Oh, and SG - I totally borrowed this idea from Warren Ellis, who had to stop doing the Open Mikes because they got so out of hand for him. And I thought to myself, "god, I wish I had Warren Ellis' problems." So, I'm starting with trying to get that one. :)