Dec 15, 2010

Steampunk Book of the Year has announced its nominees for the 2010 Steampunk Book of the Year, and "The Morrow Stone" is in the final five! Very exciting news!

The only real downside is that I feel like there are plenty of other fantastic authors who could just as easily have found their books on this list, and the other 3 authors (Cherie Priest had both her SP books nominated) are just amazing wordsmiths. But, really, it makes me feel quite fine to be counted among them. That whole "everyone's a winner" thing? Oh, yes, indeed.

Feel free to check out the other nominees here - - voting will be going on from now until December 21st: I don't want you to feel obligated to vote (not even for me), but I promise I will sing a song of gratitude for every vote I get. They may be short songs, however. Depends on my allergies.

Today is a little strange. Did something happen? Is this a new weather front passing over us?

It sure feels different.


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