Oct 11, 2010

Reaper's Flight giveaway done!

Thanks to the literally hundreds of people who jumped in on a chance to win a copy of my latest book, "Reaper's Flight". Sorry I couldn't give away copies to everyone who wanted one, but to the three who won (Scotland, Glouchestershire and Mississippi), your books are in the mail and should be there in the next couple weeks.

I hope to hear back on your thoughts regarding the book; I've enjoyed writing it and have been more than happy to share it out there.

Amazon's listing it below 9 dollars paperback (6.50 kindle) for a limited time, and in spite of the fact that even saying that makes me feel like I'm selling a Sham-Wow!, feel free to hop on that price while it lasts. Because, you know, it won't. Meanwhile, the giveaway for The Morrow Stone is still active for another week.

Meanwhile, I'll jump back into Book 2.5, which is like an itch I really have to get to scratching.

Oh, and Mully says to say hi. Or, in his native tongue, "meow."

So... um.... Meow.

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